A focused, flexible platform

Forge is a proven, best practices-based approach that helps foster thought leadership and provides a self-sustaining ecosystem for developing, capturing, and converting contacts into leads.

It delivers what very few products or solutions get: dedicated, center-of-attention real estate, and a single location where internal and external audiences can learn and engage.

All with a support team that makes it easy to expand, update, and change.

It’s time to stop thinking, “It’s too bad we can’t do that.” Because with Forge, you can do that—quickly, easily, and effectively.



For you

Gain a flexible, adaptable digital campaign platform to market your solutions over time

Publish content and host events quickly to respond to demand and stay on top of trends

Accelerate and amplify your marketing initiatives while helping ensure they translate to true sales opportunities


For your customers

Provide a steady stream of content that’s tailored to their needs and interests

Offer subscriptions and email updates to keep them in the know

Host and promote social media activities and online events to keep them in the conversation


For your business

Develop a thought leadership position through insightful, relevant content

Feed the sales pipeline by capturing user information, determining their location in the sales cycle, and taking the most appropriate action

Simplify lead generation with built-in integration to your CRM or marketing platform, and with our proprietary lead management system for telemarketing team follow-up


How it works

Step one

Develop the content

We start by working with outside analysts, market thought leaders, partners, and your internal product groups and executives to develop insightful and valuable content.

Step two

Build the platform

We work with your team to define, design, and build your web presence based on your objectives, target audience, and best practices. Your site will be brand compliant, responsive, and mobile-friendly, with a cutting-edge design. It’s the platform from which you’ll promote solutions, launch offerings, run promotions, and more.

Step three


The promotion possibilities are virtually endless. We’ll develop a marketing plan to help you push your content out through social media, paid media, banner ads, SEO, and partner participation.

Step four

Maintain and engage

Going forward, you can add to your initial set of content by hosting events and posting assets such as videos, podcasts, production information, blogs, and more. We can help create whatever you need.

Step five

Generate opportunities

Your customers consume the content, while we capture their contact information, better understand their interests, and determine their location in the sales cycle. Our professional, U.S.-based telemarketing team then follows up to qualify prospects, nurture them, and convert them to leads.

Expand your marketing push

Use your new marketing platform to support a variety of marketing activities, such as:

Focused thought leadership

Publish insightful, relevant, and actionable content about your solution to attract attention and capture interest

More effective leads

Find out who’s interested in your solution, provide them with content that’s tailored to their interests, and follow up with them via our telemarketing team

Solution-specific webinars

Host and promote live online events that show why prospects should want your solution while capturing registrations for your prospect database

Social media

Leverage your content to generate discussion and drive traffic to your site

Sales support

Build an information repository to educate salespeople or provide sales resources

Digital marketing

Create posts for syndication and host content from your partners

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