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What is Campaign-as-a-Service?

Campaign-as-a-Service, CaaS for short, is a comprehensive marketing offering that consists of five core elements. The elements are then fine-tuned to address your unique needs. The result is a well-oiled campaign that produces quality leads, faster.


Program and Management Strategy


Content Development


Database and Digital Media


Marketing Technology and Data


Prospecting and Nurturing via Call Team

Is Campaign-as-a-Service right for you?

If you’re facing one or more of the challenges below, the answer is yes.

Project overload and an inability to focus on campaign strategy/demands

Not staffed with demand generation experts

A shortage of personnel, tools, skills, and other critical resources

Too many internal teams to unify, resulting in unclear objectives

A slow, cumbersome environment that hinders course adjustments

Glowing Clients

Names you know. Names that trust us.

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Success Stories

ABB Case Study

Awareness and leads.

Discover how we delivered both to this global industrial client.

Vertiv Case Study

Now that’s cool.

See how we generated 648 leads for one cooling systems manufacturer.

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What our clients are saying

I can always count on the Sudden Impact team to develop the marketing strategies and tactics to fuel successful campaigns.

- Troy Hobson, Group Vice President

a leading global industrial automation company

Sudden Impact Marketing is all about results. Marketing isn’t just for getting likes, it’s for getting leads.

- Dan Cahalane, president & ceo

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