B2B telemarketing campaigns generally involve levels of complexity that go far beyond what B2C efforts entail. Topics are more technical, with contextual understanding on the part of the caller requiring more depth.

The intent of B2C telemarketing campaigns is typically very different—generally attempting to get the audience to buy or commit to something. B2B telemarketing works best when the intent is to inform, educate, and raise awareness of solutions.

No. Instead, we create a brief, hold training sessions, and develop a conversation platform. Content briefs provide our team with the essential details they need to have a conversation. Conversation platforms are instructive to what information we want to share with the audience and what questions we want to ask and build a discussion around.

The talent of our team sets us apart. Our staff are well-educated, highly skilled, US-based callers with professional backgrounds. For each new initiative, our team is trained on the specific product or service, and provided with a brief and conversation platform that equip them to have true dialogue with prospects to ensure relevant, productive engagement.

We’re not selling. We’re offering information or inviting prospects to an event. Our goals are to create solution awareness, offer information, and engage your audience. Campaigns that involve very complex products break down complexities into easy-to-understand terms, which are what prospects respond to best.

We prefer to start with your target list from sales or your CRM. However, we often see outdated and inaccurate house lists. If that’s the case, we purchase a list that best matches your intended audience.

Either way, we will cleanse and update the list as we proceed. That’s an additional benefit to you because at the conclusion of our efforts you get an updated, cleaned, and deduplicated list. Unlike some firms, we will provide you copies of all updated data fields and net new records to update your in-house systems.

That depends on what you are selling or promoting. Telemarketing, like every other marketing medium and tool on the market, is right for certain situations.

The rule of thumb is, telemarketing executed well is a terrific business development tool for big ticket solutions and products, where personal touch complements digital efforts. It’s definitely not the right approach for $200 products that can be purchased online.

We can input and export data to and from CRM systems via either API or batch uploads. We work within our proprietary system when making calls, and we adjust our capture forms to accommodate specific information you may need to collect.

Although we can and have worked inside client CRMs, that tends not to be cost effective due to the number of screens and navigation required to make and document calls. Our purpose-built platform gives callers all critical information in a single pane of glass, and promotes higher productivity.

Marketing automation platforms represent the perfect use case for telemarketing campaigns. Email campaigns and digitally driven leads, combined with lead scoring, offer a great path for generating sales opportunities.

Most of our clients find that marketing automation moves prospects through the layers of awareness and evaluation, but it’s the personal conversations in telemarketing campaigns that convert leads to opportunities.

Everything we do is intended to help the sales team—from creating awareness to generating leads. We are not selling. We are trying to help shorten the sales cycle and identify opportunities.

There will be instances where customers are called who are actively engaged with the sales team. However, there’s an upfront option to remove active clients from phone campaigns to avoid that scenario. Over time, we find that strong collaboration between our telemarketing team and field sales is developed, and those early concerns are replaced with anticipation of new leads.

First, we need to understand why your program failed. There are many factors to consider: quality of list, offer, solution, caller skill, timing, etc. Sometimes, expectations aren’t realistic for a given market or audience. But, odds are, we’ve encountered problems and found solutions to situations similar to yours.

We can make international calls to English-speaking countries. We don’t support multiple languages.

Yes, within reason. Turning on “cold call” campaigns probably won’t bear the results you want. However, attaching phone programs to follow up on leads from events, webinars, trade shows, and conferences can add a burst of lead qualification on demand.

We can also follow up on clicks and opens from campaigns on Linkedin and Google Ads, for example. Finding the best use of telemarketing for on-demand lead generation requires test pilots to determine lead sources that convert most cost effectively and in a timely manner.

We estimate costs based on the specific needs of your project. We use a quote calculator to factor in all your project’s details, then provide an estimate based on the number of contacts in your list, the required number of calls, projected hours involved, and the reporting you need.

We’ll sit down with you to fine tune your strategy, then develop a plan forward. For starters, you can expect an honest assessment of whether telemarketing should be an option, and if so, how to best set up and test a program.

Our business is built on the foundation of making clients successful, and that leads to retention. We aren’t in the business of churning through clients or selling dreams. We are in the business of shortening sales cycles and filling pipelines.